Rhonda will provide theses services upon request.  

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Personal Archival Services  I’ll come to your house, look over your collection and advise on storage, preservation, and organization.  I will process your collection by transferring items to new enclosures, organizing materials and creating a finding aid.
Memory Books Oral history, family photographs, and historical research come together to create a biography of a person, a couple, or a family in a colorful keepsake book that can be shared with all family members.
Oral History Audio or video. Zoning in on the important events and circumstances that shaped a person’s life and personality, an oral history lets the speaker tell their life story in their own words.
Digitization Have scanner, will travel – documents, photographs, genealogical information. I do not digitize audio or video files but can recommend services that do.
Digital Preservation Saving documents in the best digital format for future preservation is crucial. We’ll develop a plan to change files to better formats and decide how to save email, Facebook pages, and other social media documents.
Organizing Materials Using the secrets archivists use to organize massive amounts of materials I will help you organize your family legacy making access and retrieval simple and easy.
Writing Coach Most people never finish their autobiography or memoir. A writing coach can be the difference between having it in your head and having it on paper.

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