One Day Workshops

One-day workshops give people more in-depth knowledge and provides them with hands-on training. We learn how to preserve specific items including photographs, paper documents, and textiles.  Participants bring their old photo albums that are in disrepair or genealogical and family documents they want to transfer into archival boxes and folders.  When registering participants select  to receive either an archival photo album with fifty polypropylene sheets of different sizes, or a documents kit which includes a flip top box, 25 folders, a clamshell box, space supporter, 10 page protectors and 5 8X10 window envelopes (materials are included in the price of admission).  A morning lecture is followed by a hands-on training workshop where participants get specific advice about specific items.  Come join other like-minded people, learn the essentials of archival preservation, and begin the creation of  your own family legacy.

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LenaSalina Archival Workshop


Free Lectures

LenaSalina holds one hour introductory sessions that teaches people the basics of preservation.  Between the presentation, the handouts, and access to our website, participants should be able to go home and start to take steps that will ensure the longest life for their materials.  These lectures are free and open to the public and are being held at local libraries in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  If you would like to schedule a seminar for your group, please contact me at


Writing Memoir

Tell your story.  Learn the basics of writing memoir.  Other forms of writing such as autobiography, personal essay, and journaling are discussed.  We ask why write, to whom are you writing, and how to structure a written work.  We’ll look at plot, theme, catalyst, climax, rising action, using metaphors and leitmotifs.  This is a fun workshop where participants will have the opportunity to do a little writing and discuss their ideas.